Cableforms – Fitted

At this stage all cableforms are now fitted and this a great credit to Chris Carter, Chris Tarry and the others who helped them. Approximately twelve miles of wire were made up into cables, each carefully laced with the correct waxed string. Over 9,000 soldered joints were also made. As a matter of interest, of the order of 16,000 soldered joints were made in the Letchworth Enigmas bring the full total for the whole machine to around 25,000.

Since the photograph above was taken some of the cables were rerouted as was discovered by studying a W.W.II photograph. There is now very little bunching around the bottom left hand corner of the machine. As it was it was unlikely that the covers would fit.


This is a rear view of the machine showing the jack frame completed. 228 off 26 way jacks are in place.

This photograph gives some idea of the density of wiring at the back of one of the three plugboards

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